Greetings are cards and small gifts donated by people who live with multiple sclerosis, MS.

Grateful Greetings are greetings mailed to say, "Thank You!"

Supporters of OHG send this message to each receiver:
We appreciate all that you do for friends who live with multiple sclerosis!

The OHG greetings are sent anonymously; the receiver knows WHY they were nominated, and that the greeting is from Our Heart Greeting, but OHG does not disclose WHO nominated, or WHO made or donated the items.
Our Heart Greeting does not disclose nominee, nominator, or donator; however, some receivers (nominees) have acknowledged their greetings publicly ~ this is always welcomed!

to Nominate a receiver

the following:
  • your name & address,
  • nominee's name & address,
  • a short statement as to how this nominee has made a positive impact in the world of MS.

In 2007, our first call for a nominee was intended to be our first grateful greeting, but it became our first creative campaign!
We added the MS Awareness Postcard Campaign in 2008!