March 2015 MS Awareness Month

OHG is hosting its EIGTH! annual Postcard Campaign for MS!

Our Heart Greeting worker beeez organized a postcard campaign in 2008 to increase Education & Awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. We've inspired, created, and mailed hundreds of postcards throughout the month of March, each year since!

We're spreading a wave of awareness around the world, waving good-bye to MS one postcard at a time!


There are many ways to participate!
  • spread the word!
  • mail postcards!
  • send us an Email

  • Visit an awareness postcard HOW TO
  • Create handcrafted postcards
  • or use the OHG "Waves" design below!
  • Mail postcards throughout March
  • Promote Awareness with Comments & Links
  • Email your address to OHG to receive an awareness postcard
  • Donate to the OHG Postcard Awareness Campaign below.

Postcard Templates to Print

These images link to .pdf files that allow you to print 4 postcards on one 8.5x11 sheet

click here for more Postcard Samples and Supplies


Send us a picture of your postcard designs for others to beee inspired!
Email us your comments!

If handcrafting and mailing are not for you, maybe donating is something you're able to do?